Fully equipped in machinery and technology, our staff of engineers and tool and die makers are experienced and disciplined to ensure optimal metal stamping. They can execute even the most complex metal stamping operations with precision and accuracy. This further aligns our operations with emerging best practices, giving us a competitive advantage and opening new growth horizons.

Our R&D Department

Tekun Asas offers a complete range of precision tool design, sheet metal stamping and value added services from simple punching processes to complex stamping. Hence, we are able to produce simple and complex shapes custom designed, developed and engineered in our in-house R&D Department.

Our Facilities

Our fully-automated metal stamping machinery, ranging in size from 10 to 300 tonnes, are fast, repeatable and programmable. With the expertise of our team of staff, this enables us to enhance dimensional control, standardise accuracy and reduce final cost of quality metal parts for our clients.