Our Vision

Perfect 5 Precision

We have a vision to constantly strive for a Perfect 5 Precision in every area of production and procedure, while pledging to reduce energy usage costs everywhere for a greener environment.

We also look forward to enhance the following 5 manufacturing capabilities:

  • Prototype designing
  • Precision mold, tool and dies fabrication
  • Low volume production for market realisation
  • High volume mass production capabilities
  • Intergration of process capability for product finishing

Our Mission

Perfecting Precise Mission

The Perfect 5 Precision vision of Tekun Asas will be achieved through 5 Perfecting Precise Mission statements to better stamp industrial ideas into reality by:

  • Enhancing core competency in individual strength
  • Focusing on individual goal to meet current market demand with vertical integration of business solution
  • Actively being involved in various business sector to enhance the manufactured products
  • Easily adapting to fast change to accommodate the market demand
  • Capitalising on individual competitive strength to stay ahead of competitors